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The first week after your delivery, a maternity nurse will visit you at home for a few hours every day. She will teach you how to take care of your baby and help you with the breastfeeding.

She will also do some medical checks to see if you and your baby are okay. If she thinks something is wrong, she will contact one of us and we will visit you. If everything is okay, we will visit you every other day to talk about your delivery and to see how you are doing at the time. We are still responsible for you and your baby and you can call us in case something is wrong.

When you and your baby are doing well after the first week, we will hand over the responsibility to your general physician and the consultation bureau. They will take care of you from then on.

We do hope to see you back for one more check up approximately six weeks after your delivery. This appointment will take place at the practice and you will be able to ask your final questions.