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Advice on what to avoid in the pregnancy.

Alcohol during pregnancy can harm your baby. There is no ‘safe limit’. To be on the safe side; stop drinking altogether. Heavy or frequent drinking can cause mental retardation, behavioural problems, slow growth and physical abnormalities.

Cigarette smoking inhibits the growth of the placenta. So the baby is more likely to be born early, have complications during the pregnancy, during delivery or even after he is born. Smoking is linked to sudden infant death syndrome, childhood asthma and behavioural problems. There is only one advise:quit smoking. For further information/support ask the midwife.

No prescription or over-the-counter drug, herbal or natural remedy or vitamin or mineral supplement should be taken during pregnancy without consulting a GP or midwife.

No recreational or street drugs are safe to use in the pregnancy.

This infection is caused by a parasite commonly found in raw or undercooked meat and in the poo from cats. To avoid getting infected with this parasite there are a couple of advises:

  •  get somebody else to empty your cats litter tray
  •  wear gloves when gardening
  •  wash all vegetables before eating

Raw meat
Don’t eat raw meat, including osseworst, filet americain and rosbief. Bake or cook meat thoroughly-internal temperature of at least 60 degrees celsius, 140 fahrenheit.

This relatively rare bacterial infection is transmitted through foods. High risk foods are products made of unpasteurised milk - such as soft cheese like brie, camembert or blue cheese. Only the cheese made from raw milk could cause a health risk, cheese made from pasteurised milk will not contain listeria. In Holland it will say ‘rauwe melk’ or ‘au lait cru’. Also take care with premixed salad vegetables-wash them before eating. And see to that the seafood is fresh, otherwise it can contain listeria.

Vitamine A
Too much vitamine A can be harmfull during the pregnancy. Any suplement containing vitamin A should be stopped while you’re pregnant. Don’t eat too much liverproducts during the pregnancy either, since liver also contains high amounts of vitamine A. Maximum one sandwich with liverpaste a day.

Small amounts of coffee, tea or cola should be safe, but try to limit the intake to 3 cups a day.

Sauna’s and sunbeds can raise your body temperature and are best avoided while you’re pregnant.