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The Delivery

The Delivery

The normal delivery starts between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. This is the normal period to have the baby and you can choose where and how you want to deliver yourself.


When it’s time
Most deliveries start with contractions. Only in 1 out of 10 deliveries the membranes rupture first. The first delivery takes about twelve hours, starting from the moment the contractions come and go every five minutes. The next delivery usually goes a bit faster

If you want to deliver your baby at the hospital, it depends on your insurance whether you have to pay for it yourself. Make sure to call your insurance company to ask if there are any extra expenses for you when you want to deliver in the hospital.

When to call
When you are going into labor, you always have to call the emergency number 06-54300190 or 020 592 38 75 and press 1. You will be asked for your details by an assistant and we will call you back as soon as possible.

When you are worried or anxious about your own or your babies health you have to call us!
When you are over 27 weeks of pregnancy and your baby is not moving or moving a lot less then normally, you have to call us as well.

Contractions are when your belly/uterus is hard and painful, which gets worse over time. Often it starts with irregular contractions that last less than a minute. When your contractions are coming every five minutes for at least an hour and the pain lasts for 60 seconds or longer, you can call us. When your contractions are coming every three minutes you have to call us.

Rupture of membranes
When the membranes rupture and you lose water, you don’t have to call us at night, exept when:

  • You haven’t reached 37 weeks of pregnancy yet
  • The baby’s head is not engaged in the pelvis (we will tell you if this is the case)
  • The amniotic fluid/water is green or brown
  • You are also having contractions every five minutes for an hour

Blood loss
It is normal to lose a bit of mucus and/or blood at the end of your pregnancy or during labor. When you lose too much blood; 1 sanitary towel soaked with blood, you have to call us.

Preparation evening

Once every 2 months an information evening is held to prepare you for the delivery. You are welcome to visit this evening, alone or with your partner. On this evening you will receive information on what to expect during delivery and what you can expect from your midwife. Costs are €10 per person.

Weighing of the baby
Pack your bag

a checklist for what to bring to the hospital.