child birth

Most deliveries start in week after your due date. Between week 37 and 42 of pregnancy is considered a normale to deliver a baby.


Prepare yourself for childbirth in a way that suits you. For instance reading about delivery, doing relaxation exercises, practise yoga or attend childbirth classes.
As a practise we offer Centering Pregnancy where prenatal visits go next level; research shows women who engage in Centering Pregnancy feel more prepared for the childbirth and parenthood.

Start the conversation with your partner, how do you both feel about childbirth? Make sure he/she knows what is important to you. 

Around 30 weeks in pregnancy we will ask you about your preferences concerning your delivery. There are many choices to make when it comes to giving birth. We try to support you as best we can to make decisions that are good for you, your partner and your baby.

In the weeks before childbirth it can help to walk in the woods or at the beach to be more in touch with nature and calm down. Take rest as much as you can before childbirth.

Did you know you can use a birthpool in almost every hospital? For homebirths we rent the 'Birthpool in-a-box'. Please ask the assistent for information and availability.