In the first week after delivery, the kraamzorg (maternity nurse) will visit you every day, whether you delivered your baby at home or in hospital. One of your midwives will visit you every other day to talk about your delivery and check that you are okay. Between Days 5-7 after birth, a GGD nurse will visit you for your baby's neonatal heel prick test and hearing test.

Medical birth in hospital
If you gave birth in hospital under the guidance of the gynaecologist, then the maternity nurse (Kraamzorg) and midwife will visit you at home as well. The midwife takes responsibility for you and your baby at home during the first eight days after delivery. The hospital will let us know when you are ready to go home and we will take over from that moment.

If you gave birth at home, the kraamzorg is already on the spot. If you had a hospital birth with your own midwife, the kraamzorg will come as soon as possible after you go home. In the event of a medical reason to deliver in hospital, you should call the kraamzorg when you are ready to go home.
The kraamzorg nurse will teach you how to take care of your baby. She will also check on you and your baby's health. If she thinks something is not as it should be, she will contact us.