Following a positive pregnancy test, please contact us for a first appointment. This will be around eight weeks of pregnancy. This appointment will take about an hour during which we will ask about your health and that of your family. We will also make the first scan.

At your first appointment you will receive advice about your lifestyle and diet. We will determine whether any additionalchecks are necessary concerning your health or that of your family. A bloodtest will be done to determine your blood group and to check for certain diseases. We will also explain the Dutch health care system and talk about what prenatal guidance suits you best.

We offer Centering Pregnancy, which gives you 10x more time with the midwife in a comfortable setting outside the exam room. For more information, click the 'Centering Pregnancy' button on the right.

If you do not participate in Centering Pregnancy, your subsequent appointments will take about 15 minutes.