our practice

Being pregnant and giving birth is a very special life event which entitles you to professional midwifery care. This is what we offer. We stand for quality of care, personal guidance, attention and involvement by both you and your partner. We depend on the power of every pregnant woman and on her own abilities. In this transition to parenthood, we would like to guide you in a professional way.


All our midwives are registered in the quality registration system of the KNOV (the midwifery organisation in The Netherlands). This means that we work according to scientifically-proven protocols. We also pursue further education, attend symposia and take part in training courses (in baby reanimation, for example).

We evaluate our work through client questionnaires, always seeking to enhance the care we provide. We play our part in shaping the midwife of the future, by guiding and supervising midwifery students. If you have any objection to this, please let us know.

We participate actively in meetings and workshops to boost cooperation amongst the midwifery practices in the region. We also fulfil board functions within the region to promote partnership between midwives and the hospitals, because safety comes first.

We are a member of EVAA, the association of midwives in the Amsterdam and Amstelland region. This association strongly advocates regional protocols and client-oriented healthcare.